How much do your websites cost?

Before a cost for our work is determined, we meet with you (in person or by phone) to learn about your business and what type of information you want to market to the public. Once we have a firm understanding of what you want from your website, we draw up a simple contract that outlines what is expected from us and from you (for example we'll need your input for the initial website design, and to review the final product before we "go live" with your website). The contract will contain the cost for making your website, which is summarized here:

Small business website (1 to 10 pages) - 300.00






              Each additional page - 30.00


On Sale!

only 250.00

On Sale!

only 130.00

Personal website (1 to 5 pages) - 150.00






              Each additional page - 30.00


Social Media (1 to 3 pages) - 100.00

              Each additional Social Media page - 30.00

             (Already have Social Media pages? We connect them to your website absolutely free)

Search Engine Optimization (key words/phrases people will use for searches) - 30.00



Optimize your website to run on a mobile device - 50.00

eCommerce website (online store) - request a quote today!

What are all the costs, and what do I get in return?

The total initial cost for your website is based on the options you choose from our price list plus the cost of the Wix hosting plan that you choose (we can advise you on this choice). After the initial cost, your only cost is the annual renewal of your hosting plan from Wix, which may range from $49 to $300. Wix hosting plan prices mentioned here are subject to change.


What you get is a beautiful and usable website that is made to your specifications. The first draft of your website is usually ready in one week.

I'm very interested. What's the first step?

If you have questions or would like to receive a quote, please contact us.